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Title Insurance Terms:

Owner's Title Insurance Policy –  A policy which is purchased by the homebuyer. While it is the buyer's choice, purchasing an "owner's title insurance policy" is the best way to protect your property rights, as well as your trustees, inheritors, and beneficiaries.


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Asset Management

We at Malleo Financial Services take a structured approach to managing our client’s assets.  Whether it is growing your personal IRA, or preserving multi-generational savings in your Family Trust, we exercise due diligence and comprehensive analysis.


Our Asset Management Process


Malleo Financial Services implements a specific set of activities for managing our clients financial assets based upon five (5) steps:


1. Gathering Data


2. Establishing Goals


3. Analyzing Information


4. Making & Implementing Recommendations 


5. Monitoring Portfolio Performance


Should your financial situation change at anytime, we would make adjustments accordingly to help you stay on track to achieving your goals.


We offer a variety of low-cost mutual funds from many of the most respected and established fund companies, as well as fully diversified and highly customized fund portfolios to best match your investment goals and tolerance for risk.  We are also able to utilize various types of low-expense annuities from highly rated insurance companies that offer both protection of principal and specific guarantees to best suit your needs.  



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