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Owner's Title Insurance Policy –  A policy which is purchased by the homebuyer. While it is the buyer's choice, purchasing an "owner's title insurance policy" is the best way to protect your property rights, as well as your trustees, inheritors, and beneficiaries.


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Outdated Business Plans

When is the last time a valuation was completed for your business?

When did you last review your operating and/or buy-sell agreement?

Has your ownership structure changed over the past several years?


Here is a situation where these 3 questions had a significant impact.


The Issue

About five years ago, Tom and Jerry established a business partnership and opened a pet supply store. At the time, they created a buy-sell agreement, which was funded with life insurance. Since then, the business has grown significantly – they opened two more locations and also brought in a third partner. However, the business has not been valued and the buy-sell agreement had never been updated.


The Solution

An informal business valuation and a buy-sell agreement review were completed. The life insurance policies are also analyzed as part of an overall business planning audit. Tom and Jerry discovered their business is worth up to 40 percent more than they originally considered. The buy-sell agreement was modified into a partnership agreement to reflect the new value and the additional partner. 

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