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Would your business experience a financial loss if a key employee died or became disabled?





Bud Abbott owns Abbott Consulting, a business that relies heavily on excellent outside sales activity. Ten years ago, Bud hired Lou Costello as vice president of sales, and sales have consistently grown under Lou’s management. Bud has made sure to financially reward Lou for his success, but he is worried about what might happen to the business if Lou were to die or become disabled. Lou has developed strong relationships with all the top customers of the consulting firm, so his potential loss would be devastating to the business. Bud estimates his firm would require at least $1 million to replace lost revenues and fund the search and training for an adequate replacement. 





Bud purchases both a $1 million "Key-Person” Term Life insurance policy and a $1 million “Key-Person” Disability Income insurance policy on Lou. The policies are simple, effective solutions that will protect Abbott Consulting if Lou were to die or become disabled before retiring.


If your business depends on key employees, their death or disability would likely have a negative impact. Key-person policies can protect your business from potentially substantial losses.



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